Edgaras profile
Edgaras Benediktavičius
Product designer and web developer


Software, hardware and other tools I am currently using.


  • Figma - for design client work or sketching mockups
  • FigJam - for sketching, UX thinking
  • Canva - for quick ones, using pre-defined templates

Tech stack

  • 💙 React - the JavaScript library for building composable UIs and more
  • 🖤 Next.js - the best Web framework
  • 💚 Supabase - database and authentication
  • 🩵 Tailwind CSS - the best way for authoring CSS
  • 🧱 Radix UI - interactive UI primitives library, easy to style with Tailwind.
  • ⚒️ JavaScript, HTML, CSS - using the basic web tools whenever possible :)
  • 📦 Cloudflare R2 - static file storage (like AWS S3)
  • 💌 React Email - allows me to use React to write accessible email templates
  • 📤 Resend - service for sending transactional and marketing emails
  • 🔁 Git, GitHub, GitHub Desktop - source code storage and versioning
  • 🔄 Zod - validation and type system
  • 💫 Framer Motion - animation library
  • 💸 Stripe - payment processing

Want to try:

  • Drizzle - ORM tool for connecting directly to my Postgres database instead of using Supabase JS SDK
  • Auth.js - open source authentication instead of using Supabase Auth.
  • Payload CMS - a CMS, once they make it available directly in Next.js app code
  • React Aria - UI library similar to Radix UI


  • Trello - A simple kanban for managing some of the projects
  • Toggl - Time tracker and reports for client work
  • Raycast - How I control my computer with keyboard
  • Arc - My browser of choice
  • GPT 4 - My AI writing and coding assistant 😛
  • GitHub Copilot - AI powered coding helper for VSCode
  • 1Password - Password manager on Mac, iPhone and browser
  • Magnet - app window organizer using keyboard shortcuts on Mac
  • Quitter - A neat little Mac app that runs in background and closes apps that I didn't use for some minutes or hours. Minimizes mental clutter.
  • SelfControl - Sometimes, hard-blocking distracting websites is the only option to break free from addiction.


  • Slack - Quick messaging and calls with my partners and colleagues
  • X / Twitter - A powerful tool for finding inspiration and connecting with other knowledge workers. At the same time super time consuming and distracting.
  • LinkedIn - public resume, people search
  • Telegram - experimenting with it as a messenger and for communities
  • Screen Studio - makes me look like a pro when sharing screen recordings


Browser extensions


  • Lofi.Cafe - website radio with nice lo-fi beats
  • Youtube Music - great for music too. Got premium.
  • Klack - fun Mac app that makes artificial keyboard sounds. Kind of relaxing.
  • Spotify - the way I listen to podcasts
  • Everand - I find some audio books there



  • NextStand - a stand to keep laptop at eye level
  • Haglöfs Backup backpack - durable backpack

Stopped using

  • Notion - Still migrating... I haven been using it for notes and for my website CMS. However, I find the interface very clunky, the whole product is a bit overhelming and the Notion API is lacking Webhooks.
  • Discord - been trying to use it for participating in niche communities, but I find it overwhelmingly busy. Hard to find a way to participate meaningfully.
  • BlueSky - just have my profile there. Didn't really take off as Twitter/X alternative.