Yearly reflections 2022

As the new year approaches, I'm getting excited to see what it has in store. But before I charge ahead, I like to take a moment to reflect on the past year. By thinking back on my experiences, I can better understand what has happened and be better prepared for the future.

As I think about the past year, I am struck by all the amazing moments and experiences that have enriched the year 30 of my life. I am grateful for the good times and the lessons I have learned from the more difficult ones.

Water and high rocks during sunny day {caption: Hiking in south of Spain} {1/1}

Here are a few of my and professional highlights (and lowlights) from the past year 2022:

⭐ Highlights

  • Lived and worked remotely in 🇹🇷 Turkey for 2 months
  • Completed five freelance design projects for five different clients, including two well-known companies in Denmark and worldwide
  • Continued co-building Best Writing with my friend Tom
  • Continued learning web programming with JavaScript (React, Node, NextJS) and TailwindCSS
  • Participated in Copenhagen 🕺 Salsa Festival
  • Had 2 work-vacations in 🇪🇸 Malaga and Alicante
  • Hiked ⛰️ in south of Spain
  • Moved in to new co-living community in 🇩🇰 Copenhagen
  • Learned to play 🎾 Padel tennis
  • Celebrated my 🎂 30th birthday with some of my best friends and family.
  • Visited my family in 🇱🇹 Lithuania multiple times
  • Took my grandma to 💆 SPA retreat for several days
  • Finally designed, developed, launched my personal website and shared the process in public
  • Learned more about designing and building modular Design Systems
  • Met some amazing new people on 🐦 Twitter
  • Saw my first big football match live in 🏟️ Sevilla stadium
  • Ran our own GTP-3 hackathon weekend with my friend, and co-founder
  • Lived a minimalistic lifestyle with purchasing and owning very little
  • Enjoyed balanced food diet (Mostly Pegan)
  • Started 🥊 boxing classes

🥀 Lowlights

  • Had a particularly bad sleeping habits which affected my productivity and immune system
  • Was sick with the flu for the entire Christmas season
  • It was difficult to balance freelance work and building a business
  • Didn’t improve my Danish
  • Didn’t reach a sustainable 10K MRR with my business
  • Didn’t exercise regularly

In addition to the ups and downs, here are some of my most valuable discoveries in 2022:

🔍 Top picks

I am incredibly grateful for all of the amazing experiences I have had. However, there are also some disappointments that I am still reflecting on. As I look towards the new year, I am determined to work on improving those areas and making the most of every opportunity that comes my way.

Me with my girlfriend and a cat sitting outside. Water and mountains are in the background. {caption: A random cat, me and my girlfriend in Antalya}