About me

My name is Edgaras Benediktavicius, strategic designer. I can collaborate on planning and implementing ethical digital services for humans, society and our planet.

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At the moment I am working on my Service Systems Design Master’s thesis project. I am partnered with last-mile urban logistics company Citylogistik. The challenge is to rethinking the traditional sales process by using co-creation to better understand customer needs, communicate possibilities and customize the service offering for each individual customer.

My competences and skills:

  • Holistic Service Strategy considering human and business needs as well as resources and ethics
  • Structured Design process from research to implementation
  • Craft for useful, usable and desirable digital experiences
  • Building modular interfaces and Design Systems using Figma
  • Good understanding of web/native technologies, thinking in JAMstack philosophy
  • Front-end coding skills: HTML/CSS/JS and related frameworks
  • Understanding of back-end systems (NODEJS, PHP, Phython) and databases (SQL, NoSQL)